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When it comes to home improvement, cabinets and counter tops are two of the most important elements that can enhance the overall look of your home. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, or simply looking to upgrade your existing cabinets and counter tops, Flooring Liquidation Guys has got you covered.

We offer a wide selection of high-quality cabinets and counter tops to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for traditional wooden cabinets or modern, sleek designs, we have something for everyone. Our counter tops come in a variety of materials such as granite, marble, quartz, and more, allowing you to choose the perfect style for your home.

Everyone should be able to enjoy high-quality cabinets and counter tops without breaking the bank. That’s why we offer our products at unbeatable prices that you won’t find anywhere else. Our cabinets and counter tops are made from durable materials that will last for years to come, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

Our Services

At Flooring Liquidation Guys, we offer a full range of services to help you create your dream kitchen. Our services include:


Our experienced designers will work with you to create a custom kitchen design that fits your style and budget.


We're partnered with skilled craftsmen will install your cabinets and countertops with precision and care, ensuring that everything is done right the first time.


If you're looking to update your bathroom kitchen, or more we offer complete remodeling services.

Popular Cabinet Options

We offer a wide range of cabinet styles to fit any design aesthetic.
Here are some of the types of cabinets we offer:

Shaker Cabinets

Simple and timeless, shaker cabinets are a popular choice for their clean lines and versatility.

Raised Panel Cabinets

These cabinets have a more traditional look, with a raised panel design that adds depth and dimension.

Flat Panel Cabinets

These cabinets have a modern and minimalist look, with a simple, flat front.

Various Countertop Styles

We offer a wide range of countertop materials to fit any design style.
Here are some of the types of countertops we offer:

Granite countertops

Durable and beautiful, granite is a popular choice for its natural look and durability.

Quartz countertops

Quartz is a low-maintenance and durable material that’s available in a wide range of colors and finishes.

Marble countertops

Elegant and timeless, marble is a classic choice for countertops.

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