Carpet Installation

Carpet Installation

The higher quality the carpet, the longer it will last. The most common type of carpet is tufted carpet, where a machine inserts loops of fiber into the backing. Quality, durable construction is determined by the way the fibers are twisted and the density of loops.

For many families, carpet is a great choice for any room in the house. There are many benefits to choosing carpet as a flooring solution:

  • Economical and cost-effective
  • Wide colors, it can match any style or decor in any room.
  • Stains resistant and reduces static current.
  • Absorbs sound, non-slippery and acts as insulator

 Many people think that they’re going to have to move everything out of their home and clear out a week long block of time to stay out of their house in order to have new carpet installed.

 But actually, we would never put our customers through that. Our professional carpet installers handle all of the removal of your old flooring and will remove and replace your appliances and furniture.The longevity of the carpet depends on the quality.

We will follow a standard procedure:

* Remove all furniture

* Removal of old floor covering before day one

* Doors may not clear the new carpet and swing freely; a professional can remove doors and re-hang

* Installing new carpet will produce waste that we will haul away

Many of our jobs can be completed within a day; this simply depends on the size of your home and how much prep work our experts will need to do.

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